C. Renee Miller


I Press Onward

C. Renee Miller was happy with her life and family, but in December 2009, a nightmare visited their family when she and both of her children (then ages 10 and 11) were in an accident in which none of them should have survived. They were T-boned by a speeding semi on U.S. I-75, twelve miles into the Michigan border. All three sustained traumatic brain injuries, among other debilitating physical damage. The prognosis was grim, especially for the youngest, Tyler, who lay in a coma for four days, tests revealing significant damage to his brain’s learning center (he could retain only about 2 percent of any content). Kitana had what was referred to as the “three-second memory,” and Renee could only hold one piece of information at a time—once something new was introduced, the previous thought was simply gone.  

C. Renee Miller

Shortly after this time, Renee’s husband, Jim, was deployed to Afghanistan, leaving Renee alone to heal and manage their children’s disabilities. The road was painfully difficult and seemed insurmountable, but Renee was fiercely determined to do all she could to provide a normal childhood for her children, despite her own challenges. With God’s help, Renee slowly healed—and saw her children slowly, miraculously, heal as well. And today, her children are both attending college—something the medical field said could never happen.

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